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Date:2005-03-10 21:48

"Double click TiVo remote"

Ok, this will only interest TiVo owners, but my remote developed an annoying 'double click' feature which made selecting menu options a pain.

Apparently it's a common fault, so I upgraded the remote to a US series 2 black model. See eBay for sellers.

The TiVo software suggested some useless keycodes to get my TV and A/V working; this page has PDFs of up-to-date codes which worked a treat.

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Date:2005-03-09 22:23

"PSP and DS"

Okay I've been pretty quiet about the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS for a while, but with the imminent UK release of the DS I thought I'd voice my thoughts.

I love the PSP and still use it virtually everyday - the games really are near PS2 quality. Not only visually and aurally but in games design and depth. And in the next few months we'll see what the perennial giants GT4 and GTA play like.

Even though I have a few games I'm mostly using it for video. With freeware converters (3GPP or Rapiz) it is trivial to convert anything to MPEG4 format.

I stack up my memory card with TV and films at the start of the week and top up when needed. I also have a dozen MP3s to listen to, for when the mood takes me.

The DS was alright; Mario64 DS is an enjoyable game. But that's about it. I found I hadn't touched it for 6 weeks since the arrival of the PSP and no upcoming games appealed, so it was sold on eBay for a tidy profit.

I'm sure they'll both do well and I recognise that I'm probably not in Nintendo's target market.

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Date:2005-03-01 19:56

"Bob a job (again)"

Time for a new job - I got a little bored of spending 4 hours commuting every day, so I handed my notice in at the start of the year. Been keeping quiet on here until it was announced officially at work.

Shame as the job was great in all other respects, and London is a cool place to work.

No plans for a new job just yet - I've got a few weeks before I leave. I'm going to take a month off to loaf :-P and then I might pick up some consulting work, or maybe a proper job.

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Date:2005-02-18 17:49

"DIY G4"

Certainly the lovely hardware design contributes to the pleasure of using a Mac.

But if you can live without such stuff,  this article shows you how to build a G4 from spare parts.

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Date:2005-02-12 21:27
Mood: happy


I love Webjay. It has just sucked up the past couple hours.

It's a simple idea: people create playlists that point to free MP3s on the web. Some remixes, some originals.

There's just so much good stuff I've enjoyed listening to, and I've found a few new sources for HappyFish.

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Date:2005-02-10 22:32

"The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business"

This tickled me: The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

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Date:2005-02-10 20:50

"Now we are 2"

I'm no longer the only Mac user in the office - my manager bought a 12" Powerbook with Superdrive, £200 off as it is the old model.

You can decide if it is a bargain - the new models have had a price drop anyway, and a bump in memory, processor speed, disk size and iLife version but he did get the handy 2 year John Lewis warrantee.

Might be worth considering if you're wanting to get one...

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Date:2005-02-09 22:41

"Default browser in OS X"

So that's how you set the default browser in OS X - no more Safari for me.

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Date:2005-02-07 20:28

"Thin edge of the Mac wedge"

Although I work with about 30 techies, I'm the first one with the Mac, hence I get sent links like this:

Mac Mini review (!!!)

But Apple must be doing something right: two people told me today they're going to buy one - one is getting a Mac Mini, the other a 12" Powerbook.

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Date:2005-02-06 12:09

"New feature"

I've added a useful new feature to this weekend:

* ability to stop words appearing in the results.

For example, if you search for 'Playstation 2', you will get results that include the word 'Playstation' (the 2 is missing) and 'Playstation2' (the space is missing).

Now you can do the search: Playstation 2 -Playstation2 -Playstation

This will bring back pretty much the only misspelled Playstation 2 items with no 'false positives'.

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Date:2005-02-04 19:39

"Life with my Mac part 1"

I'm now the proud owner of a 14" iBook. And very nice it is too. But I will go through my likes and dislikes another time - the first thing I've noticed is that buying a Mac has been very controversial.

Comments have included:

  • So when are you going to grow a beard?

  • What does it do that your last laptop didn't?

  • Do you own an iPod too? Ahh, so you're an Apple zealot.

No, in fact I think of myself as tech agnostic (or, perhaps, tech promiscuous) with my Sony consoles, my iPod and earning a living around Microsoft invented languages and tools.

But like the proverbial arsehole, everyone has an opinion about Macs - and the topic of my Mac ownership has been brought over many lunches, emails and pints this week. Far more interest in it than my PSP or Nintendo DS.

Funny old world - now there is talk amongst others about buying Powerbooks and I have to bring my laptop back to work to demo it to several people.

I really thought no-one would care that I bought a new laptop.

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Date:2005-01-23 20:23


I have been eying up Macs for the past couple of weeks and I'm about to make the jump...

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Date:2005-01-20 21:11

"What's that song?"

I spotted this site introduced with the line, "why didn't I think of that?".

The only thing is, I did, but never got round to coding it.


Anyway, someone's done the hard work for me now - What's That Song uses Amazon's 30 seconds song preview to make a music quiz - and it really is fun to play.

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Date:2005-01-08 19:15


I'm still absolutely loving my gorgeous PSP - I'm now looking forward to the commute for the games and videos.

My current 128Mb memory stick holds 'only' 1 hours worth of video, so that is soon to be replaced with a 0.5Gb card (£45 inc p&p) which should be enough to store 2 movies / 8 TV episodes. Nice.

Ridge Racers and Everybody's Golf are a both great games and a good combination of action and relaxation.

And Amazon seem to have jumped any UK launch announcement from Sony - they are advertising the PSP for £180, available 18 March.

Worth every penny.

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Date:2004-12-24 15:10

"Cutting it fine"

Just finished my Xmas shopping. Again.

Bad idea leaving the last of the presents on the train yesterday...I blame the paracetamol + Stella combo.

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Date:2004-12-22 14:08

"Still living on credit"

My living on 0% credit plan is still going well - I’m now on my second batch of credit cards.

Disaster fans will be happy to hear I had a little hitch recently: I wrote a credit card cheque out to do a balance transfer. Even though I thought I’d read all the small print, I didn’t realise that this company charged for credit card cheques.

So the charge was applied to my account, which took me past the limit.

This then incurred another charge and also changed my *huge* debt from 0% interest to something a lot scarier!

Fortunately, a few phone calls sorted out half of the charges and they agreed to return my account to 0%.

Apart from that, I now have a bundle of credit cards that have just expired from 0% and some more new ones that are just beginning – generating enough debt to rival a small country.

Yes, I do sleep well at night, thank you.

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Date:2004-12-18 13:36

"Hello PSP"

As my Mum often tells me, I'm a lucky, lucky boy: yesterday my oh-so-cool PSP arrived.

And a very nice piece of kit it is too - even better when, after 30 minutes of confusion, I stumbled across the option to turn the language from Japanese to English.

Once I could understand the menus I was a breeze to connect to my wireless network, play with photos and MP3s, and check for updates over the internet.

It came with one game, Ridge Racers, which certainly demonstrates the capabilities with near PS2-style graphics, sound and video - it is stunning to behold on the wide and bright screen.

Also it should be eminently hackable since it has the option to run code from any standard memory stick pro.

Now where to a I get my homebrew dev kit from?

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Date:2004-12-15 22:16

"Me and my DS"

I must confess I wasn't overly excited about my Nintendo DS before it arrived but after a week of playing it, I've grown quite fond of Mario64 DS.

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Date:2004-12-14 23:01

"A...Z of the internet"

Nice "The new world's A to Z, courtesy of Google" article on The Reg.

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Date:2004-12-08 20:24

"MSN Spaces"

Microsoft have roled out their version of LiveJournal so I gave it a go.

Very nice. Looks and works much better in IE than Firefox, but it is easy to use and customise.

Uploading images in particular is straight forward and painless which is a great step forward.

I'm not going to jump ship but if I was starting a blog now I'd give it serious thought.

But hasn't everyone tried running a blog by now?

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