RealRadix, Searching for shiny things... (realradix) wrote,
RealRadix, Searching for shiny things...

Entertain me

I'm totally hooked on Metal Gear:AC!D on the PSP - I'm about 14 hours through, and still loving it. It's not the usual style, more of a strategy games with cards, but still lots of sneaking and dripping with Metal Gear nostalgia.

It's made the commute to London painless the past couple of weeks - occasionally not even noticing that the train has stopped in Waterloo.

When not playing that, I've been reading "The Timewaster Letters" which has me laughing out-loud on every page. It's a collection of letters making obscure requests to companies and associations, together with any replies.

Makes me glad I don't work in a customer relations department.
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